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Mariano LLINÁS
An Argentine filmmaker. As a member of the group El Pampero Cine, he directed six motion pictures: Balenarios (2002), Extraordinary Stories (2008), La Flor (2018), Concert for the Battle of El Tala (2020), Corsini plays Blomberg and Maciel (2021) and Clorindo Testa (2022). He also works as a screenwriter.
Maggie LEE
A film critic, curator and talent incubation mentor. She is Chief Asia Film Critic for entertainment media Variety. Lee joined Variety in 2012 after serving as Asia Chief Critic for The Hollywood Reporter (2007-2012). In 2010, she received an award from the Busan IFF and Korean Film Press Association for her contribution to Korean cinema.
BOO Jiyoung
Majored in directing at Korean Academy of Film Arts(KAFA). She debuted with feature film Sisters On The Road in 2008, and directed feature films Cart (2014), omnibus film If You Were Me 5 (2010), A Time to Love (2011), Let Us Meet Now (2019). She is consistently interested in the relationships between women-family and women-society. Since 2018, she has been working as a visiting professor at the KAFA and is currently preparing an OTT platform drama.
Reader in Film Studies at King’s College London. She is the author of four books, including After Uniqueness: A History of Film and Video Art in Circulation (2017) and TEN SKIES (2021). Her criticism appears in venues such as Artforum and Cinema Scope. With Hila Peleg, she is the co-curator of No Master Territories: Feminist Worldmaking and the Moving Image (HKW Berlin, 2022).
OK Jayeon
Established a relationship with the JEONJU IFF by winning the Best Actress in the Korean Competition at the 23rd JEONJU IFF for her role in The Archeology of love (2022). Received love from the public with her roles in TV shows Mine (2021) and Under the Queen’s Umbrella (2022). She is actively working in various platforms – theater, film, and television.
Deputy Director of the San Sebastian IFF since 2016. Coordinator of Z365, the festival all year round, the institution's major strategic commitment combining its fundamental lines of action in the 21st century: the search for, accompaniment, and development of new talents and their film projects; training and knowledge transfer on the subject of film; and cinematic research and thinking. Graduate in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Navarra, 2002-2005. Doctor in Film Theory, Analysis and Documentation from the Public University of the Basque Country, 2006-2010. She collaborated in setting the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola film school in motion and is a member of its Academic Directorate. She is a member of the Basque Government Council on Culture.
SOHN Hee-jeong
Research Professor of Center for Cross-Culture Studies in Kyunghee University. Member of Project38. Completed her Ph.D in Film Studies at Chung-Ang University, Art & Technology with the thesis entitled The 21st Century Korean Cinema and the Nation. Sohn is the author of I Saw the Universe You Drew, Re-Writing the World, Feminism Reboot, and co-author of The Eurs’ Donkey Ears 1, 2, Book of Zero, The 21st Century Korean Film, Fantasy Without Originals. She translated In the Darkroom, The Monstrous-Feminine, Horror Movie, and more.
Born in 1963 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Tokyo University, Ichiyama joined Shochiku in 1987 and started to work as a producer for films such as Nowhere Man (1991) by Naoto Takenaka and three films by Hou Hsiao-Hsien (Good Men, Good Women (1995), Goodbye South, Goodbye (1996) and Flowers of Shanghai (1998)). In 1998, Ichiyama joined Office Kitano and started to produce films by Asian filmmakers, including Jia Zhang-ke (Platform (2000), Unknown Pleasures (2002), The World (2006), 24 City (2009), A Touch of Sin (2013), Mountains May Depart (2015), Ash is Purest White (2018)), Samira Makhmalbaf (Blackboards (2000)), Abolfazl Jalili (Delbaran (2001)). Apart from his activity as the producer, he founded the film festival, TOKYO FILMeX, and has been acting as the director until 2020. In 2021, he was appointed to be the programming director of Tokyo IFF. Since 2013, Ichiyama serves as a visiting professor at the Tokyo University of Arts.
LEE Hyuksang
Debuted in 2010 with Miracle on Jongno Street while producing various social documentaries for the media activist group pinks. Lee was the creative director of the documentary about the Yongsan Tragedy Two Doors (2011) and co-produced its sequel The Remnants (2018). Also produced and edited the JEONJU IFF 2021 Documentary Award Winner Coming to You. Currently working as a programmer at the Incheon Diaspora Film Festival and producing an underwater documentary Arrow and upcoming film Blood.
Jessica Sarah RINLAND
Argentine-British filmmaker. A recipient of numerous awards including Special Mention at Locarno IFF, Best Film at DocumentaMadrid, Primer Premio at BIM – Biennale de Imagen en Movimiento, Arts+Science Award at Ann Arbor Film Festival and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Schnitzer prize for excellence in the arts in 2017. Her work has been exhibited at the Taipei Biennial, University of Tennessee’s Downtown Gallery, Southwark Park Galleries, Somerset House, and Bloomberg New Contemporaries. She has had retrospectives of her films at Anthology Film Archives, Doc’s Kingdom, Aricadoc, Eureka Film Festival, Curtocircuito, London Short Film Festival, and Flaherty Film Seminar.
CHO Eunji
Debuted as an actor in the film Tears. Recognized for her unique performances by playing various roles in many films including My Scary Girl (2006), Forever the Moment (2008), Petty Romance (2010), The Concubine (2012), The Target (2014), The Villainess (2017), Nailed (2019), and Day and the Moon (2021). In 2014, debuted as a film director with the short film The Effect of 20,000 Won. Winner of Jury’s Special Award at the Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival with 2 Nights 3 Days (2017). In 2021, Cho won Best New Director at the Baeksang Arts Awards for her first feature film Perhaps Love.
Received a master`s degree from the faculty of art studies majoring in film studies at Azerbaijan State University of Arts and Culture. She started her career as a film critic in the local "Kino+" newspaper in 2004. Since then, she has continued her work as a film critic and journalist. She founded "START"Short International Film Festival together with her colleagues and friends in 2015. Currently, she is the art director of the international section of the festival, which continues its activities under the name of Baku International Short Film Festival. The author cooperates with Fokus analytical film magazine and "Kinoyazar.az" website. Her reviews about several Azerbaijani films which participated in international film festivals were published on "KinoKultura.com".
KIM Hyung-Seok
Studied film at the Culture School Seoul at Cinematheque. From 2000 to 2009, Kim worked as a writer and editor-in-chief for the film magazine Screen and later worked as a film journalist. Worked as a programmer at the PyeongChang International Peace Film Festival and is currently serving as the festival director and programmer for the Chuncheon Film Festival. Kim is the author of KIM Jee-woon (2008), Film Editing (2018), and co-author of The 21st Century Korean Cinema (2021) and 1990s Korean Film (2023).
As a film producer, Choi served as a professor at the Department of Film at Dong-Eui University, director at Busan Film Commission, chairman of the Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet), and a jury member at various film festivals and organizations. Currently, Choi is the CEO/Producer of Uni Contents 2 and General Director of Barunson Labs. Work on many commercial and independent films including Madeleine (2002), Blue Swallow (2005), My Father (2007) and VR interactive feature film The Horizon (2021).
The pre-selection advisors of International Competition
She is a film programmer, consultant, and researcher, based in Zurich and Berlin. From 2018 to 2022, she was an advisor and programmer for IFFR, among other festivals. Currently, she is a delegate for the San Sebastian IFF and a member of the selection committee of the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.
The pre-selection advisors of International Competition
A film critic and programmer who was born in the United States (Philadelphia). He has resided in São Paulo, Brazil since 2010.
KANG Jin-ah
The preliminary juries of Korean Competition for Shorts
She showed a wide range of acting skills in To My River (2018), The layover (2021), and The Slug (2020). She won the Best New Actress Award at the 20th Busan Film Critics Association Awards. She is still active in various moves as an actor.
KIM Yesolbi
The preliminary juries of Korean Competition for Shorts
She writes about the visual arts in general, focusing on film. In 2022, she received an excellence prize at the CINE21 Film Critic Awards.
NAM Sunwoo
The preliminary juries of Korean Competition for Shorts
She is a writer of Korean film magazine CINE21. She also writes on film and film makers for monthly KOREAN MOVIE, quarterly KOREANA.
BYUN Gyuri
The preliminary juries of Korean Competition for Shorts
Started working at media activist group pinks in 2016. Her first feature-length documentary Play on (2017) is about the podcast of irregular workers in telecommunication facilities. As her second film Coming to You (2021), it depicts the narrative of two women who face the identity of sexual minority parents.
JEONG Ji-hye
The preliminary juries of Korean Competition for Shorts
She directed three short films, including Good Girl (2017). She directed Jeong-sun (2021), which won the award at the Korean Competition section of JEONJU IFF. She has won a number of awards at film festivals for her feature film Jeong-sun.
JIN Myunghyun
The preliminary juries of Korean Competition for Shorts
After working at Baekdoodaegan and Keyeast, he became a film programmer and film team leader at KT&G's Imagination Plaza from 2010 to 2015. Since 2015, he has served as a representative of the independent film studio MOVement. The works that he participated in the distribution marketing include The King of Jokgu (2013), Pascha (2013), Right Now, Wrong Then (2015), Worst Woman (2016), Yongsoon (2017), Hit the Night (2017), and Park Hwa-young (2018).
KANG Jee-iee
The preliminary juries of Local Cinema​
She majored in film directing at the Korea National University of Arts. She made As you want (2002), Crazy Kim-chi (2003), Pine (2010), Contact (2019), and Entering your heart (2022).
KIM Hyunchoul
The preliminary juries of Local Cinema​
He is the chairman of the Jeonju Film Commission, and he is the CEO of TPS Company from 2006 to the present, he has produced films such as The Front Line (2011), Memories of the Sword (2014), Fabricated City (2017), Seobok (2020), HARD HIT (2021), 6/45 (2022).
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